Photography allows me to presents an artistic narrative defined by my social conscience and keen eye for the human condition. Artistically, I'm guided by esthetic principles taught to me at an early age. My father was my main artistic influence growing up. After serving in WWII he studied art on the GI bill. With a growing family to feed he found work as a draftsman in the defense industry around Los Angeles. Fortunately, he never gave up his love of art. We lived in a small LA beach town overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Dad had a studio in the garage where he would paint, sculpt, and draw. Our house was filled with music, books on art, along with my Dad's artist buddies. In addition, I was a beneficiary of the thriving L A art scene of the 1960's. I would often tag along with my father and haunt the many art galleries on La Cienaga Blvd. Weekends were spent visiting art museums and other cultural venues around the city. I was schooled in the arts from an early age with private lessons and scholarships to art school. By the time I was in grade school I knew a Picasso from a Monet, Edward Weston from Dorthea Lange. When I was around ten years old, my uncle, who was an avid photographer, gave me a camera that opened up a whole new world. My artistic skills led to a long and rewarding career in television news with NBC and CBS, as well as an independent career as a photographer, artist, craftsman, and videographer. Please contact me about ; custom prints - assignments - licensing. I'm based in Berkeley, California.